Implicit Bias Testing and Training Made Fun

We leverage the unique capability of Virtual Reality to provide effective bias trainings through the power of evidence-based gameplay

Services & Features

We create playful and effective evidence-based testing and inclusion behavior training apps across industry verticals that have shown to lead to better engagement, increased profits, and better outcomes by unlocking the proven potential of diverse groups and leaders.


The first bias training that allows you to measure and track progress over time.


Unlike most traditional, lectured-styled bias trainings, we employ only evidence-based debiasing methods that allows for you to measure impact and success of the product use. 


With access to a high-end VR headset, users can play anytime, any where. Data is easily accessible for users and admins to monitor and manage their own progress. 


We use VR technology to design immersive interactive learning experiences that are proven to be significantly more engaging than conventional training formats. 


With control over aggregate data over time, you can make smarter, data informed initiatives towards diversity and inclusion goals. 


Our debiasing exercise modules are strategically designed to impact users through positive experiences that won’t emotionally weigh down to maximize for regular use. 

Teacher’s Lens

Funded by Oculus VR, Teacher’s Lens is an anti-implicit bias training for teachers. Using evidence-based training simulations in VR, we aim to promote healthy K-12 classroom environments by reducing bias in a more accessible, comfortable, and positive way.


Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our users say:

“Teacher’s Lens sets a foundation in challenging traditional accepted norms in the classroom and projects a virtual mirror of accountability to more fully support students. This is a much needed fundamental training that supports educators in equity and inclusion”

Victoria Duran

High School Teacher in San Jose

“This is going to revolutionize bias training!”

User’s Feedback 

“ It is becoming very popular for companies to invest in implicit bias training but usually as content delivered from the front of the room. This is so much better because it lets people practice without the fear of making mistakes in front of colleagues.”

Shammi Shawkat Quddus

Stanford MBA Grad, Cool Products Expo User



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EmpowHER VR’s, Neilda Pacquing and Shashkes Sarit, hosted another episode with special guest Clorama Dorvilias of Debias VR where she talks about her Oculus Launchpad app Teacher’s Lens VR.

Teacher’s Lens Beta is now available in the Oculus Store!


Unity Spotlight: Teacher’s Lens by Clorama Dorvilias & Jessica Outlaw

After the 2017 boot camp with Unity’s own Sarah Stumbo, Launch Pad participants Clorama Dorvilias and Jessica Outlaw connected over a shared interest: how to use VR to reduce cognitive bias.

Oculus Launchpad Winner 2017

Oculus Launch Pad, a program designed to support promising VR content creators from diverse backgrounds with the hope of inspiring new developers that represent our global audience to share their voices with the world. 

33 Badass Black Womxn in Tech

Clorama Dorvilias
Interaction Designer and Co-Founder/CEO of Debias VR

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